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Thank you to the Billy Lake Community for your endless support as we close our 25th year. Research continues to show promising results and we include a reference list for ALS Philadelphia Approved Grants for information on ALS Research.

The Billy Lake Community was honored at the ALS Annual Luncheon on Friday, November 4th for 25 years in the fight for a cure for Lou Gehrig's disease. What an honor and we are forever grateful to all our supporters.

On a sad note, the ALS Community lost its founder, Felice Goodwin Wiener.

Felice founded the Chapter in 1977 after the loss of her beloved mother from ALS two years earlier, was a renaissance woman. She loved her family, social causes, music, her dogs… but more than all else – she loved making a difference and bettering the world. She lost own her battle with ALS last June. For 40 years, she worked tirelessly to help the ALS cause and find a cure. Her greatest joy would be knowing that together, we are advancing the work she began FORTY years ago. Celebrate the Chapter’s 40th anniversary and keep Felice’s work moving forward with a tax-deductible gift by December 31.

Thank you!